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In this episode of The Center Cannot Hold, a present on Bitcoin Magazine Podcast with host Alex McShane, Zuby talks Bitcoin and Tyranny. Zuby is a British rapper, podcast host, creator, public speaker, health advocate, part-time provocateur, inventive entrepreneur, and Bitcoiner. Alex McShane is a author for Bitcoin Magazine. They talked about tyranny, covid, faux science, centralized science, authorities funded analysis vs unbiased analysis, authorities overreach, financial reform, concepts as property, and naturally Bitcoin. 

Zuby talks about his first experiences with Bitcoin and the way he used it to assist him acquire financial sovereignty and take again management of his music profession, and his life general. Zuby additionally discusses the competing market for cryptos, and why Bitcoin sits other than and is a superior asset class than all of them. Meanwhile, he concurrently expresses his feeling that Bitcoin doesn’t in truth repair all the things, however that the actions incited by and discovered from Bitcoin can provide us a foothold in making the monetary world a greater place, and thereafter we will start to make the world a greater place general. 

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