Survey Shows That Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano sq. are most favored Cryptocurrencies in Singapore


A brand new research reveals that ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency amongst over 4,000 adults surveyed in Singapore. The second-most commonplace crypto is bitcoin, adopted by cardano.

Singapore-Based Crypto Investors like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano

The new 2021 State of Crypto in Singapore, a joint research by Seedly, Gemini, and Coinmarketcap, was revealed Mon. It accommodates a survey of 4,348 Singapore-based adults ages eighteen to sixty 5 throughout variable house incomes.

The survey was carried out between June 29 and July 9. It enclosed 2,862 respondents who aforementioned they have been present crypto holders and 1,486 respondents who aforementioned they have been non-crypto holders. One in 5 crypto holders surveyed have been females.

According to the survey outcomes, 78% of respondents who had crypto aforementioned they in owned ethereum (ETH), 69% aforementioned bitcoin (BTC), 40% aforementioned cardano (ADA), 31% aforementioned binance coin (BNB), and 25% aforementioned XRP. The report describes:

“Of the two,862 crypto holders, 2,236 of them are presently holding on to ETH. BTC is the second most popular cryptocurrency, with 1,975 of the crypto holders holding on to that. Coming again in third and fourth are ADA and BNB , held by 1,141 and 893 traders severally.

The report notes: “With ETH, BTC and ADA being the foremost standard cryptocurrencies across each genders, females truly hold and trade XRP and DOT [polkadot] over their male counterparts. USDT [tether], on the other hand, is an additional standard among male crypto holders.”

Crypto traders moreover disclosed nonetheless they have been laid low with the Covid-19 pandemic. The report notes, “Out of 2,862 those who endowed in crypto, a common fraction of them endowed additional into crypto thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.” The report provides, “The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred additional Singaporeans to take a position in crypto.”


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