The Sony PlayStation 5 Game Console Mining Ethereum with nearly 100 MH/s is Not True!


The previous couple of days there appears to be an fascinating photograph of what’s stated to be PlayStation 5 (PS5) recreation console hacked to mine Ethereum (ETH) attaining a hashrate of 98.76 MH/s with a customized mining software program. The picture has apparently originated from China and the textual content is in Chinese, however it seems this was a faux picture and the 2D barcode reveals the joke any person tried to play on everybody. If you learn the 2D barcode along with your smartphone it’ll reveal the next textual content in Chinese language:


For people that don’t perceive a phrase from the above, passing it by way of Google Translate to see what it means in English interprets to the next:

There isn’t any such software program for leisure hahaha

So, no the PlayStation 5 recreation console just isn’t but become a crypto mining machine for Ethereum (ETH), although it isn’t totally unattainable for this to occur, contemplating the gaming console has excellent {hardware} from AMD within the kind a Ryzen CPU and a RDNA 2 GPU inside and that may in principle be used for mining with the correct software program.

The software program facet on the console for the second nonetheless is fairly closed, so creating a crypto miner is the laborious factor to do and no person apparently made one, in any other case one thing like 50 MH/s hashrate for Ethash may not be unattainable if the {hardware} is correctly utilized.

Maybe we might see PS5 mining farms within the not-so-distant future if the crypto mining craze continues, however for now it isn’t that point but. Console players are already not very pleased with the PlayStation 5 shortages in the meanwhile with the machine not simply obtainable even at a premium over the really useful finish person value. If the console turns into a pretty crypto mining machine it’ll change into even tougher being a gamer and desirous to get a PS5 recreation console.

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