Zcash Developers Update 3-12-2021 – Zcash Community

Here are your weekly Zcash updates:

Mark your calendars –

Community Shout Outs – Congrats to @brunchtime in your current ZOMG grant and for pitching in throughout the MozFest presentation earlier this week. Shout out to zec.artwork for introducing a set of wonderful zcash-inspired work. Shout out to @honeywest for contributing 2 good neighborhood PRs that had been merged this week. Shout out to @Elio for contributing a PR to take away dependence on Firebase, that was merged this week as properly.


  • lightwalletd safety replace pushed out
  • Maintenance and fixes pushed for testnet seeder
  • Prometheus and Promtail bindings to tekton controller (delivers tekton particular stats like cross/fail, construct length, latency of labor request)
  • Began work for Faucet substitute (broke out work, put in agent on present faucet to assist baseline request hundreds)
  • Trial set up and check of tekton IDE plugin for visualizations and builder controls


  • Merged drafts of all remaining NU5 ZIPs: 216224225, and 252
  • Published a draft of the Zcash Protocol Specification reflecting modifications associated to the NU5 ZIPs
  • Published NU5 Proposed Features weblog put up
  • Progress on merging upstream (Bitcoin) locking fixes
  • Made enhancements to the answer for zero-knowledgeness in Halo 2 and nice safety proof progress (zero-knowledgeness updates make this simpler)
  • Implemented Sinsemilla primitives in librustzcash
  • NCC specification audit kick off assembly on Monday the fifteenth


  • Redwood now interrogates a lot of aspects of an inventory of repos and shops + modifications


  • Lightwalletd DoS fixes merged and tagged
  • To keep away from disruption, we’ve begun migrating our Android repos in response to JCenter’s shutdown announcement. All future releases will now go to Maven Central and former releases can be migrated, quickly.
  • iOS memo safety bug patched and rolled out
  • Both platforms transitioned to up to date SQLite crate that makes use of the Data Access API
  • iOS Logging library created “zealous-logger” to assist us debug tough points and can make it right into a future launch within the close to future.

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